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STP Electronics of Grenoble, France is a world leader in developing inspection technologies for printed circuit board assemblies. CGI Americas is proud to represent this ground-breaking equipment provider in North America.

The InspectoScan C PCB assembly inspection system has been developed specifically for non-SMT components. 

Inspection of many non-SMT features - such as odd form or PTH components, wiring, staking adhesives and potting compounds, hardware, mechanical and structural parts, conformal coating, or welds - has traditionally relied on operators to visually judge their acceptability.  The manual inspection process compares the work piece to a photographic or written standard.  It is not only time-intensive, but also highly susceptible to human errors resulting from fatigue or misinterpretation of the inspection criteria. 

The InspectoScan C has been developed to automatically and accurately verify many characteristics of non-SMT features.  Its versatile vision system can assess component or material presence, absence, coverage, shape, height, alignment, and many other visual characteristics, including bar and data codes.  It can be programmed to perform multiple types of inspection within a single cycle using white, UV or laser lighting with its rotating and tilting camera.  It is easy to use and can be operated in fully automatic or semi-automatic modes.

InspectoScan C is ideal for:
  •  Low to medium volume non-SMT automated optical inspection
  • Quality reporting and record keeping
  • High reliability assemblies requiring repeatable inspection methods and traceability
  • PTH inspection – component presence, alignment, height and solder joint presence
  • Conformal coat inspection and verification

Why InspectoScan C?
  • Improves the speed and accuracy of manual visual inspection
  • Can be programmed to inspect almost any physical feature on a PCB assembly
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent ergonomics for better workplace safety and productivity
  • Superior technical support from the inspection experts at CGI Americas

Inspection parameters include(Click on the image to enlarge):

Glue – Volume, presence, absence, shape

Hardware - Presence, absence, height measurement, tilt, plating, location

Polarity - Capacitors, Relays, diodes, etc.

Code Reading - labels & components - Data matrix, bar codes, PDF417, etc.

Solder Joint & Weld Inspection

Coatings - presence, absence, coverage, droplet detection, color depth

Alignment – presence, absence, position

Edge Connectors & Side Mounted Components

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