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STP Electronics of Grenoble, France is a world leader in developing inspection technologies for printed circuit board assemblies. CGI Americas is proud to represent this ground-breaking equipment provider in North America.

The InspectoScan S First Article Inspection (FAI) system has been developed specifically for SMT component inspection. It offers significant time savings and improved product quality by identifying potential assembly problems at early stages – before hundreds or thousands of defects are produced.

InspectoScan S captures a complete image of the circuit board and performs 100% inspection of all SMT components. Its intuitive user interface enables fast, easy programming and changeover. Proprietary algorithms analyze colors, brightness and content areas to determine conformance with specifications, including values indicated by component markings. Verification can be performed in minutes, using automatic or operator-assisted inspection modes. Additionally, the InspectoScan S provides data logging, statistical analysis and image capture capabilities.

InspectoScan S is ideal for:
  • Prototype validation
  • First Article Inspection
  • Low volume production
  • Post-repair inspection and reporting

Why InspectoScan S?

  • Low cost and fast ROI
  • Easy to implement and use
  • High image quality
  • Data and image archiving & traceability
  • Flexibility, scalability and networking capability
  • Excellent ergonomics for better workplace safety and productivity
  • Superior technical support from the inspection experts at CGI Americas

Programming Screen:

Defect Examples:

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