WVL-M12 Wafer Vacuum Laminator

Image of WVL-M12 Wafer Vacuum Laminator


C Sun’s Wafer Vacuum Laminators (WVL) are a newly developed technology based on C SUN’s core lamination technology for wafer level and 3D/TSV packages. The WVL laminators can provide advantages of low cost and high throughput. The WVL systems also ensure excellent dry film conformation and void free filling. The WVL systems have successfully been applied in production in advanced package process technology for 3D-IC packaging. The WVL technology is also suitable for polymer via filling in TSV processing, the lamination of wafer level underfill material into fine-spaces between micro-bumps, and material filling into any three dimensional topography on the wafer. The Applications include TSV filling, RDL for Interposers, Molding, underfill, and carrier bonding, and CMOS image sensor lamination

The WVL-M12 is a manual system for low volume applications that will accommodate wafers up to 8”.

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