Newly N=1 First Article MDA Test System

Image of Newly N=1 First Article MDA Test System


Every new design, line changeover, rev ision, etc. has to be verified before it goes into production. PCB assemblers spend millions of dollars per year on SPI, AOI, and test but the first step is the verification of the first article, from which all programming flows.

First Article design/part verification is usually done by hand using meters and probes on every component to check the correct component value, proper orientation, placement, text etc. This takes skilled technicians or even engineers and takes many hours with high false call rates and defects getting through. The alternative is First Article Inspection, which uses the layout drawing typically, but which is also fallible. FAI does not test electrically or output data to program AOI and test systems.

Newly have come up with the N=1 which automates all of this and then outputs data that can be used in programming AOI, SPI, and test. The user programs the N=1 using pick & place, BOM, and component data to input locations, values, offsets, text, etc. Programming takes less than 15 minutes.
A double sided adhesive film is then place on the substrate after which the board is populated. 

The Newly N=1 then tests the board for resistance and capacitance, checking component values precisely and verifying the design and placement. It also inspects for component size, text, and position.

The data is collected and can be verified on our Tagarno ergonomic inspection station and then used to optimize AOI, SPI and test programs. The result is a known good substrate and improved manufacturing yields reduced defects throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Prototypes
  • High Mix/Low Volume
  • Verify Production
  • Line Changeover
  • Component Revisions

  • Low Cost
  • Very Simple Programming
  • No Expertise Required
  • Automatic Data Acquisition & Logging 
  • All SMT Devices to 01005

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