WLV-A12 Wafer Vacuum Laminator

Image of WLV-A12 Wafer Vacuum Laminator


The WVL-A12 wafer vacuum lamination system has been developed to laminate dry films onto 200mm or 300mm wafers in the following applications:
  • TSV & RDL Processing
  • 3 Dimensional IC Manufacturing
  • Underfill Lamination
  • Molding
  • CMOS image sensor manufacturing
  • LED silicon submount packaging
  • MEMS substrate manufacturing

The WVL-A12D is a two stage system, while the WVL-LDFS is a 4 stage system. The innovative film cutter system, high throughput, superior uniformity, and superior filling capability of the WVL Series systems all help to improve manufacturing yields and quality. The systems use a release film to prevent excess material from escaping, resulting in significantly reduced contamination.
C Sun’s semiconductor product portfolio includes a range of plasma systems for wafer thinning, ashing, de-smearing, patterned roughness, and other applications as well.

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