Laservia AOIM

Image of Laservia AOIM


The Laservia AOIM is the premier system for measuring laser drilled holes for HDI applications.

High Density Interconnect (HDI) is revolutionizing the production of precision electronics. Earlier methods were time consuming and inexact. The Laservia AOIM inspects the entire3 dimensional topography of the hole for a wide range of defects.

Machvisions Brilliant Line Scantm technology inspects based upon substrate sized, not the number of holes. Thus a 600,000 hole panel takes only moments.

Defects including substrate shrinkage/growth, conformal mask shift, missing etching, under-drilling, over-drilling, pad shift, bias drilling, smear, and relative size difference are all detected accurately and at high speed.

Machvisions’s Target & Distribute+tm software reveals both the distribution and nature of defects found with a complete analysis toolkit. The Laservia AOIM gives you the competitive edge.

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