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Founded in 1966, C Sun Manufacturing Co. Ltd., has grown to become one of the world’s largest providers of cost-efficient, high-reliability manufacturing curing systems. 
C Sun’s commitment to innovation and customer value serves a variety of industries, including:
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication
  • Semiconductor fabrication
  • PCB assembly
  • Integrated Circuit (IC) packaging
  • Hybrid circuit manufacturing
  • Discrete component manufacturing
  • Medical device production
  • Aerospace manufacturing

C Sun Manufacturing’s Clean & Inert Gas Oven Group are recognized globally as one of the leading suppliers of curing, imaging and related equipment in the electronics manufacturing industry.  Typical applications of C Sun’s inert ovens include: 
  • Front and back end wafer fabrication
  • Flat panel display manufacturing
  • Semiconductor packaging

C Sun’s QMO Series inert gas ovens are industry standard systems for oxygen-free curing using CO2 or N2, offering fast run up times and low gas consumption.   The QMO Series ovens are hermetically sealed and include flow meters, pressure gauges, and digital controllers to assure repeatable, consistent processes.



Inert Gas Oven


High-Performance Inert Gas Oven

Oxygen content



Temperature Range


60 -300° or 60 -500°

Temperature Uniformity

±1.25°C @ 175°C

±1.5°C @ 300°C; ±2.0° @ 500°C

Interior Dimensions (cm)

QMO-2: 61x61x61

QHMO-2: 149x113x120

QMO-2DSF:71x61x56 dual chamber

QMO-4C: 71x61x91 cart oven

C Sun QMO Series inert oven's low oxygen levels, high repeatability, and variety of configurations make it the perfect choice for:
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • IC packaging
  • Optical coating application
  • Electronic component manufacturing

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