UVE - M730 Solder Exposure System for Solder Mask

Image of UVE - M730 Solder Exposure System for Solder Mask


The UVE-M730 is the world’s most popular exposure system for solder mask exposure with over 5,500 systems installed worldwide. It can fit two 18” x 24” panels side by side, offering maximum productivity, or can fit panels up to 24” x 36”. Precision frame temperature control, a high speed shutter system, and adjustable vacuum control make the UVE-M730 ideal in most manufacturing operations.

 Built in indirect water cooling and air conditioning systems allow for easy installation and maintenance. An intuitive  touch screen operator/machine interface and dual glass/mylar frames make the UVE-M730 simple to operate and maintain.

Maximum Substrate Size : 24” x 36”
Lamp Type : 7Kw Metal Halide (x2)
Exposure : Double Sided, Dual Frame, Mylar/Glass
Exposure Uniformity : 80%+
Intensity : > 50Mw/cm2 (above glass) – Adjustable 5Kw/7Kw
Frame Cooling : Forced air with precision control
System Cooling : Indirect water cooling w. internal refrigeration system & external water supply
Monitoring & Control : Intuitive touch screen control system, system self diagnostics

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