iSpector Island

Image of iSpector Island


Marantz began delivering the world’s first full color AOI systems in the mid-1990’s. Since then, over 6,500 bench top and in line systems have been delivered worldwide.

Today MEK ‘s systems are world leaders in automatic optical inspection because of their ease of use, superior defect capture capability, and low false call rate.  Programmable from CAD library, user defined library, or golden boards and with a Prototype mode for first article inspection, and with off line programming capability job set is rapid, efficient, and reliable.

High speed 24 bit full color CCD cameras capture images while synthetic imaging and spectral analysis and advance pattern matching and powerful algorithms analyze surface topology at very high speeds. Inspection accuracy and repeatability meet or exceed all global standards.

The iSpector range of AOI systems inspects:

Components - SMT , Through Hole, and Odd Form - missing, presence, type, logo & text, offset, color, etc.

Pre - Reflow: Solder Paste and Component in Paste

Post - Reflow: Solder joint quality, lifted leads,  solder defects, components

Post - Selective, Hand, Wave: Solder joint quality; underside components

The iSpector’s flexible classification and reporting software delivers real world SPC results and can report in both raw and summary data to external SPC and line management systems. 

The iSpector Island has been designed for ‘lights out” operation, allowing users to run 24 hours/day with no down time for shift change, breaks, or operator intervention. Off line verification and parts tracking software allow users to inspect on 3rd shift and verify during normal working hours, reducing the requirement for additional systems.

Additional Options:

OLT Off Line Programming Software

Coaxial Lighting/Telecentric Lens

Up to 8 Side Cameras

CS Center Windows SQL Database with CS Watch Real Time Monitoring Software

CS Repair Software (requires CS Center)

CS Analyzer Software (requires CS Center)

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