JJC Dev/M Tek Impact Pulse Coating System

Image of JJC Dev/M Tek Impact Pulse Coating System


Impact Pulse coating technology is a scalable precision coating technology for use in coating complex surface morphologies.   Using a pulsed spray and unique materials handling system, the Impact Pulse system offers unparalleled coating uniformity, rheology stability; materials transfer efficiency, and repeatability.

Coatings are dispersed using a specially designed nozzle into an ultra-fine particle mist delivering ideal coverage. Other benefits include precise control at very low flow rates, superior loading stability, and reduced materials usage.

The Impact Pulse coating system can be used in semiconductor photoresist coating, PR cavity coating in MEMS devices, LED conformal coatings, Fuel Cell manufacturing, and medical device coating.

Systems are available for laboratory use, pilot production, and large scale manufacturing applications.

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