MEK Power Spector S1 5D (3D + 2D) Solder Paste Inspection System

Image of MEK Power Spector S1 5D (3D + 2D) Solder Paste Inspection System


In cooperation with DJ Tech, one of the world’s most successful manufacturers of solder paste systems, we are proud to offer the next generation in solder paste inspection technology.  ThePowerSpector S1 combines 2-D image analysis with 3-D volumetric measurements to reach a new level of accuracy and repeatability for fine and ultra-fine pitch solder paste deposits.

With over 1,200 systems installed at many of the world’s largest and most notable electronics manufacturers, the system has proven itself in Asia and is now available in the Americas exclusively through CGI.

A custom designed, patented sensor at the heart of the system captures 2-D images to accurately determine a reference plane and uses 3-D laser multi-sampling to measure each deposit.  It’s faster and more accurate than machines using Moire interferometry or laser triangulation alone.

The combination of 2-D and 3-D measurement and analysis provide accurate topographical base referencing, which enables:

  • Volume measurement of the entire deposit - not just the top half
  • True area, shape and offset information
  • Detection of paste slump and bridges that fall below others’ detection capability
  • Positional offset feedback to printers and feed forward to placers to automatically compensate for board stretch or lot-to-lot variation

The PowerSpector S1 combines the world’s most accurate inspection technology and fastest speeds to provide the best value in automatic SPI.   And it is sold, serviced and supported by America’s SPI experts, CGI.

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