Akila XR-3

Image of Akila XR-3


The award-winning Akila XR-3 X-Ray inspection system for PCB assemblies offers unparalleled performance in the inspection of high density electronics assemblies including micro BGA and CSP packages.

It is a critical tool in root cause failure analysis and diagnostics in testing high technology assemblies. Ease of use, rapid setup, and a powerful user interface allow the operator to identify, document and communicate complex interconnect reliability issues without time consuming programming.

The user can drill down to the level of even the smallest defects for real time imaging of excess solder, voids, insufficient solder, broken and bent leads, bridging and other defects in the PCB assembly process.

The Akila XR-3 also provides the ability to inspect registration accuracy within multilayer printed circuit boards as well.

The XR-3’s ergonomic design ensures operator comfort and system performance. An intuitive user interface makes the XR-3 one of the most user friendly systems on the market. The XR-3’s sealed emitter and advanced design ensure industry leading cost of ownership.

The XR – 3L is available for larger format substrates.

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