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CGI Americas announces large format AOI system

August 06, 2012

CGI Americas introduces Large Format AOI System (Santa Ana, CA) CGI Americas, one of North America’s leading technology providers, today announced the introduction of the MEK/Marantz HDL 800 large format automatic optical Inspection (AOI) system for PCB Assemblies up to 21.6” x 31.5”.

The HDL 800 AOI system offers full color inspection for all stages of the production process. A clean user interface, short programming time, and combined pattern matching and condition-based AOI algorithms result in high throughput with excellent defect capture and low false calls on solder paste, components, and solder fillets. Special THT inspection algorithms allow for 100% inspection of through-hole component leads.

A telecentric primary lens with the option of up to 8 additional cameras for angled inspection, combined with a range of substrate illumination options RGB lighting and through lens illumination delivers unparalleled image quality.

Both bench top and in line versions are available with complete program portability. Off-line programming and a complete suite of defect analysis and process control software make the HDL 800 AOI systems a preferred solution by many of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers.

For further information, please contact:

CGI Americas

2750 S. Harbor Blvd.

Suite A Santa Ana, CA


Tel: 714 – 545-7888

EMail: matt@cgi-americas.com 

Web Site: www.cgi-americas.com